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ABOUT THE BOOK The book contains a number of genres mixed together to tell the Howe family’s story of how they faced, coped and dealt with various challenges including death. Whether it’s the fiction relating to angelic messengers or demonic agents, or the autobiography of their lives, both sections will reveal scriptures that assisted them in handling the issues they faced. The book, however, does not contain a prescription or a list of ‘what to do’ or coping mechanisms but rather reveals practical steps they took resulting in their overcoming all the challenges they faced including bereavement. A short extract introducing the spiritual realm (fiction) to the reader: A flurry of activity was taking place in front of the huge golden doors. In the reception area messengers were hurrying back and forth; assignment sheets just recently been handed out were now being carefully studied and scrutinised. The atmosphere was a mixture of intense excitement and expectancy, although in some corners of the room palpable concern could be felt by the recipients of each assignment. Messenger 347, commonly known as Jed was quietly reading his assignment very studiously when the peaceful atmosphere was rudely interrupted by a loud noise. Bursting into the room a huge messenger entered hurriedly oblivious to the fact that he was late and ignoring the disturbance he caused. When he saw Jed, a mischievous grin appeared on his face, showing no respect for the others present he pushed his way forward and sat down beside Jed. “Oh Lord please don't let it be 798” sighed Jed quietly and looked up as Number 798 the massive Ger began interrogating him intensely. “What’s up, why are all the messengers here, haven’t they anything better to do? Why was I recalled from my assignment? Has a new battle been planned, speak to me Jed?” Ger said without taking a breath. Jed replied “Look at what I’ve just read” handing over his sheet to Ger. On the top of the page in bold letters stood – Assignment Howe Children – Messengers 347 and 798 allocated for duty, to be joined later by 522. Exercising his ability as the fastest speed-reader of all the messengers Ger whipped through the assignment completely ignoring the fact that Jed was trying to read it. Nano seconds later Ger dropped the sheet and let rip a roar of unadulterated joy. In the confined space he spread his wings and soared into the air circling all present and proclaiming with the loudest voice yet heard to date; “Praise God above, glory to my Creator, Hallelujah to the Lamb I’m on a battle assignment for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.” Like an uncontrollable earth bound epidemic spreading, all the messengers took up the refrain singing and shouting the victory praises of God Almighty. For that moment all work assignments were forgotten and Heaven’s realm was filled with the mighty praises of angels and saints alike. Standing behind the golden doors Gabriel turned to Michael with a smile and said, “It begins.”
*** Deep beneath the surface of the earth Lucifer’s agents huddled together. Uneasiness began to creep over them. Agitation and anxious looks began to manifest on every loathsome, evil face.  "The enemy is up to it again,” screeched an agent as he came charging into the room, terror written all over his face. “They have all received their latest assignments and are already singing their victory songs.” A rumbling evil noise came out of the darkness in the corner of the room, permeating throughout the whole place. It was the chief of all the agents in the area. He was feared by all for his ruthlessness and vicious temper. Today he spoke with soft and quiet tones. This created indescribable terror in the hearts of all agents present.  “Find out what the messengers are up to; pick out one of their assignments for our special treatment and this time don’t fail me.” *** A short extract taken from ‘The Theological College years’: On our arrival in Johannesburg at the camp grounds we soon realised that no-one was aware of the fact that we were due to arrive, let alone have accommodation ready for us. Eventually we were given a ‘hut’ to stay in (after cleaning out the dead rats!)  I was going to study at the Theological College and become the new ‘Billy Graham’! *** The family’s messengers were quite amused at the accommodation their charges had to put up with, notwithstanding the fact that it was a two roomed hut having the bathroom facilities some distance away. “They will learn a valuable lesson in humility” chuckled Han as he watched his charge becoming more and more frustrated regarding the dust that had accumulated in the hut. “This will be a short test for them as they will soon move to better quarters in the Children’s Home” added Vin. “But they don’t know that now do they?” added Ger wanting to contribute something of substance to the conversation. The messengers knew that this was the first of many installments the family would have to face in preparation for the ministry.